Completed Projects

Project: Water Meter Installation & PRV Chambers

Owner: District of Squamish

Description: Install of 24 water meters and boxes complete with tie ins ranging from 19mm to 150mm. In addition install of 2 PRV chambers and associated electrical work and tie ins.

Year Completed: 2019

Project: Boyd St. Streetlight and Fiber Optic Installation

Owner: City of New Westminster

Description: Install 350 & 1,250 lm of streetlight conduit and fiber optic conduit complete with streetlight bases and fixtures.

Year Completed: 2019

Project: District of North Vancouver Fiber Optic Installation

Owner:District of North Vancouver

Description: Install 2,000lm of 2-way 50mm fiber optic conduits.

Year Completed: 2019

Project: 100 Braid - Offsite Work

Owner: Wesgroup Properties

Description: Install 200lm of 6 way Telus duct bank, install 200lm of 10mm - 20mm SDR, Install traffic signals and street lighting as well as all associated concrete and asphalt restoration.

Year Completed: 2019