Current Projects

Project: Five Creeks Flood Protection – East Leg

Owner: British Pacific Properties

Description: The Five Creeks Flood Protection - East Leg consists of the supply and installation of approximately 1.2 Km's of various size SaniTite Storm pipe ranging from 900mm to 1500mm diameter. This project also includes 5 cast in place creek intake structures and diversion chambers. The project alignment was running parallel with the Trans-Canada Highway requiring co-ordination with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The installation of the creek intake structures were considered in-stream works and required co-ordination with the DFO.

Expected Completion: 2020

Project: Five Creeks Flood Protection Project – Main Leg

Owner: British Pacific Properties

Description: The Five Creeks Flood Protection – Main Leg consists of the supply and installation of 800 meters of 1500mm Sanitite Storm pipe, 400 meters of 1800mm lined concrete pipe, and one large cast in place concrete outfall structure into the Burrard Inlet. This project also includes a 40 meter trenchless crossing of The Trans-Canada Highway with a 38mm thick steel casing pipe. The majority of the pipeline on this project required the removal of bedrock to facilitate the installation of the pipeline. In order to provide a corridor for the large diameter storm diversion pipe there were several municipal water and sewer mains and services that had to be relocated as well as two Fortis BC gas lines. The installation of the outfall in Burrard Inlet required co-ordination with DFO as well as scheduling the works with the tides to reduce the impact to the environment.

Expected Completion: 2019

Project: UEL - 2018 Capital Works - Area B Sewer Separation

Owner: University Endowment Lands

Description: Install 600mm storm and 300mm sanitary. As well as install 150lm watermain and associated tie ins and all road restorations.

Expected Completion: 2019

Project: 2019 Coquitlam IC & Water Service Renewal Program

Owner: City of Coquitlam

Description: Install of 75 sanitary and storm IC's, install 20 water services, install 30lm of 150mm DI watermain.

Expected Completion: 2019

Project: Braid Street Watermain

Owner: City of New Westminster

Description: Install of 350lm of 250mm TR Flex DI watermain, installation of 90lm of 600mm steel trenchless crossings of 3 railways c/w 300mm HDPE carrier pipe.

Expected Completion: 2019