Our Equipment & Fleet

Complete Utility understands the importance of safe and reliable equipment. We strive to keep our fleet up to date, safe and contemporary.

Tracked Equipment

Excavators 45 MT (Large)
Excavators 30 MT (Mid-sized)
Excavators 20 MT (Nimble)

Rubber Tired Equipment

Front End Loaders (Large) With Attachments
Back Hoes (410 size) With Attachments)


Vacuum Truck (Vac truck) Tri-Axle Hydro Dig
40 inch Rollers – Road building Units
Paving Rollers (Trench work)
Excavator Breaker Attachments (Rock removal)
Excavator Compactors (Hoe packs)


Tandem Dump Trucks With Trailer
Skid Steer (Bob cat) Rubber Tracks
Skid Steer (Bob cat) Rubber Tires
Slab Saw – Road Cutter With Trailer and Vac
Equipment Mobilization Trailers
1 Tonne Work Trucks
550 Tilt Deck Dump Trucks
Electric Cars / Volt / Transport