Our Story

Our past execution on large infrastructure projects gives us the confidence, experience and forward planning that make us valuable and accountable team members for partnerships on legacy projects.

With resolve and intention, we reach objectives alongside our partners while creating safe work environments, providing transparency in our reporting, managing change and keeping budgets. Complete Utility is always accountable for the delivery of its scope. Our staff are adept in proactive risk management and problem solving. Our goal is to deliver the highest standard of services and support all the way to the finish line with our partners.

Locally Sourcing, Always

It is important for our organization to share business and successes with our local providers. For our projects we use locally sourced vendors and suppliers wherever possible in an effort to support the community.

We bring these partners on board to assist with our work and share the opportunity to give back to the community by participating in the construction of valuable infrastructure that will last for future generations.

Teamwork Driven

Our greatest achievements have been on projects where all stakeholders work as one. Coordinating and communicating activities effi ciently and respectfully is always our game plan.

We believe that in the face of adversity, nothing can stop a team when they stay true to the vision. We are dependable partners and effective communicators. Our goal is to have respectful interactions with stakeholders, sub-trades and clients. We aim to build long lasting relationships with everyone who partakes in our projects.