2020-1 Performance Evaluation

Re: 3144 INF Boundary Lanes Combined Sewer Separation - P II

Date: June 1, 2020 Written by: City of Burnaby From: Burnaby, British Columbia
Source: City of Burnaby

The City of Burnaby ("City") is committed to delivering capital infrastructure projects in a manner that maximizes benefit and value to Burnaby residents. In order to accomplish this, the City endeavors to retain high quality Contractors and maintain active communication to ensure expectations and feedback are conveyed clearly and appropriately.

This letter is to inform you of the score the City has given your firm based on the quality of your performance for the project identified above on the specified date. A
description of the breakdown and criteria for the scoring is shown in the tables below.

25%Cost ControlWas the cost of the project managed appropriately? Were all requested change orders reasonable in nature and communicated well with the City?4
25%Schedule ControlWas construction completed on schedule? If there were variances in the schedule, were they legitimate and reasonable?4
25%Scope & Quality Control Was the Contractor's conduct with residents, Consultants, owner, etc. done in a professional manner? Did the contractor keep a secure and tidy work site?4
25%ProfessionalismDid the Contractor execute the project in a professional manner with regards to keeping a secure and tidy work site as well as any communications, conflict resolutions, health and safety matters with residents, Consultants, owner, and any other stakeholders?3
  Total Score:93.75

Note that the City considers a Total Score of 70% to be acceptable. The City will consider removing a firm from its pre-qualified list if the firm has a total score below 70%.

You are invited to contact the City Engineering Projects group with any questions and feedback regarding your score.

Yours truly,
May Phang, P. Eng.
Division Manager, Engineering Projects
City of Burnaby
Copied to: Purchasing Manager